Aerial Video & Photography

All pilots are fully qualified BNUC-S™, which means that they have passed a stringent theory exam, flight test and also have an approved operations manual in accordance with the type of flight operations on offer. Included is a comprehensive statement of safety procedures, rules and regulations under which we operate, in accordance with the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority).


We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of flight safety and aim to minimise harm to any persons or property by undertaking thorough risk assessment, site surveys, crew briefings and ensuring aircraft are in operational condition through regular inspection and maintenance regimes.


We are allowed to operate to the maximum altitude of 400ft and are restricted to 500m horizontally away from the Pilot-In-Command. All buildings and persons not under the control of the Pilot-In-Command must remain 30 metres away from the aircraft during Take-Off and 50 metres whilst in flight.


We have full public liability insurance for commercial aerial work including photography and filming of up to £5,000,000.



A trained flight and ground crew is essential to ensure there are no incursions from airspace or on the ground. The observer is trained to operate failsafe procedures should the Pilot-In-Command become incapacitated.

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The Phantom 4 Pro is equipped with Geofencing Software that automatically prevents the drone from entering sensitive airspace and acts like a virtual barrier. Due to GPS Location Mapping it is prevented from entering or taking off from restricted airspace.

Lydd Golf Club - Case Study

Some areas of the golf course are included in the airport geofencing zones meaning we had very limited airspace in which to operate and this was highlighted within our pre-flight site survey and risk assessment.

Producing an aerial film at Lydd Golf Club is no easy task, as half of the course is part of Lydd London Ashford Airport and is a hub for many light aircraft and private jets. It is also the base of the Kent & Sussex Search & Rescue Helicopter.


We were in direct communication with Lydd Air Traffic Control (ATC) whilst in operation. This stood us in good stead when the helicopter became rapidly operational and flew directly over our flight location.

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