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DJI Osmo Stablised Handheld Zenmuse X3 Cameras

With the Osmo we can achieve smooth tracking shots in 4K, much like a UAV however we can capture footage in areas that they are not allowed to operate, next to buildings, along roads, inside buildings and venues, dense woodland and parks, literally anywhere we want to go. We can attach the camera to a telescopic pole for aerial views and the gimbal mounted Zenmuse X3 Camera results in beautiful, gliding, action videography.

Until now this technology was only available on the DJI Inspire1. Because it is designed for hand-held use, the sensor has been set up for 1-meter focus, rather than the infinite focus setup found on the Phantom and Inspire drones.

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Adventure Dog Productions were co-operative, helpful and professional throughout the whole process.  They were flexible with filming times and dates, interacted well with our customers at the time of filming and produced a film that we are extremely happy with.  I would highly recommend them to anyone thinking of having a promotional film made.

                                                                                                                                                     Jaqui Oldfield | Proprietor, Red Shoot Camping Park