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Aerial Filming & Photography Specialists

Video Production Editing & Audio Design

Aerial Inspections & Mapping & Modelling

HIre a commercial drone pilot_ Drone services

Our fleet of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) platforms are used for a variety of innovative applications and solutions from aerial filming & photography, 2D & 3D mapping & modeling, aerial roof & building inspections, and thermal & multispectral imaging.


Commonly known as drones, they are just the vehicle or tool we use, the sensors or cameras that we mount to the aircraft are the important factors to consider. Depending on what data is required will determine which payload we use to deliver the end results. 


When producing a film, advertisement, music video, corporate video for a business website or social media video campaign, we can increase the production value, providing you with highly desired, creative shots that, until recently, were simply not possible.


Whatever your requirement, we will provide a comprehensive consultation service to identify your needs and ensure a successful UAV deployment and deliverance of your data set.

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Safe & Legal Flight Operations _ Unmanned Aircraft Systems

 All pilots are approved by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and are issued with Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO).


This means that they have passed a stringent theory exam, flight test, and also have an approved operations manual in accordance with the type of flight operations on offer. Included in the manual is a comprehensive statement of safety procedures, rules and regulations under which we operate.


We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of flight safety and aim to minimise harm to any persons or property by undertaking a thorough risk assessment, site surveys, crew briefings and ensuring aircraft are in operational condition through regular inspection and maintenance regimes.


In the UK, we operate to the maximum altitude of 400ft and are restricted to 500m horizontally away from the Remote Pilot. All buildings and persons not under the control of the Remote Pilot must remain 30 meters away from the aircraft during Take-Off and 50 meters while in flight.


A trained flight and ground crew is essential to ensure there are no incursions in airspace or on the ground. The observer is trained to operate failsafe procedures should the Remote Pilot become incapacitated.




Aerial Photography & Videography for Estate Agents

Using drones to take photographs and video of your property and real estate is the simplest and most cost-effective way to give your property portfolio a unique aerial perspective.


From an elevated position, you can see not only the extent and size of the property, but also the surrounding location, grounds, and gardens too. 

We can combine walkthrough ground footage with aerial video, providing a full visual tour of the complete property and estate.

Film Set

Vlog Editing, production & Animation

Filming and editing your Video Blog is a standard component of production. We can advise on storyboarding and scripting, as well as preparing you for presenting an authentic, genuine and charismatic persona in front of a camera.

With intros, outros, inserts, breaks, music, text animation and personalised transitions, we will develop a unique template of stylistic flair,  reflecting your core values and brand message.

The strategy is key:  it is essential to align your VLog with your scheduled company promotions.


RoOf, chimney & building aerial uav inspections

Fast deployment, cost-effective and safe, using UAV platforms with high-resolution sensors is the best way to inspect your roof or chimney.

Removing the inconvenience of ladders and scaffolding and diminishing the risk to human life.


We provide photos and video of hard-to-access or dangerous areas, with the option of a 3D model of the complete building for further analysis, or a 2D orthomosaic map of the entire site. 


Buy a drone

We supply a range of DJI quadcopter and multi-rotor aircraft products,

including the Spark, Mavic, Phantom and  Inspire Series with all the necessary accessories. 


Heavy lifting drones, such as the Matrice  M210 RTK for commercial operations,

are available on request and are subject to a consultation process.


Whether you are a hobbyist pilot looking to take the occasional aerial photograph or video,

an SME or national organisation/company, we can supply you with the correct platform to meet your application and within your price range. 


If you are considering investment towards your own in-house team of UAV pilots, our knowledge of the drone marketplace is what you need to ensure you make the correct decisions when planning and purchasing drone technology.


We provide a full consultation program and advice from concept through to delivery. 



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