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Aerial Photography for Estate Agents & Real Estate

The use of drone photography and videography in the sale of a property is the simplest and most cost-effective way to show potential buyers the estate from all angles, giving the buyer a view of the land attached to the building.

From an elevated position, you can see not only the extent and size of the property, but also the surrounding location, grounds, and gardens too - which are often stunning and can entice the buyer to take the next step towards acquisition.

The results speak for themselves, it is easy to see why this is such an engaging and popular choice when marketing property, whether commercial or residential.

A range of options available

High-res photos of the property and surrounding estate

Aerial video including post-production

Walk-through interior video

Combo Package

All photography and video post-production services: data transfer, data storage, editing, cropping, colour grading, text animation and logo, are included.


Walk-through Videos of Property Interiors

Using our gimbal stabilisation cameras we offer a walk-through video service showcasing all of the interior features of a property. 

Combining external footage on the ground and from the air can be very effective.

This video was made for LeGrys Estate Agents and is situated in the basement snug area of a new commercial letting - featuring one of the few remaining original wells in Royal Tunbridge Wells.

We manage the whole process

Commercial UAV Pilots, have obligated processes prior to launching a flight operation.


 Site survey, risk assessment, ATC notification, (when applicable) MOD Low Flying Dept notification, Police referencing, and anything additional we need to do locally, to secure safe access to very busy airspace.


All we need you to do is provide an authorising signature on our form, stating that the landowner gives us permission to take-off and land from their property.

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Showcasing the location, lifestyle & Culture

Living the dream is something we all long for. Show your clients that it is possible by showcasing the location and lifestyle, as well as the property.

We can include footage of places of interest or nearby towns in the local area.


Promoting good local sightseeing viewpoints, beaches, museums, restaurants and bars will enhance your offering while engaging your client on other levels. 

Hire an approved uav pilot

Our pilots have over 4 years experience operating in the UK and Europe so you can trust that our flight operations are conducted safely and within the rules and regulations of the Air Navigation Order (ANO).


You can book an approved pilot today, following a free consultation call.


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A UNique Perspective _ elevated fashion SHoot 

We can produce photos that stand out from the rest. Utilising locations that would normally be out of reach.

Using our drones we were able to make use of this raised balcony in all its glory, the wind shear from the propellers created some effective images, and we captured some dynamic angles.

Sophie received a video and a portfolio of photographs which she used for promotions.


Setting the scene _ Wedding fashion SHoot 

This video was produced during our photography event, showcasing a variety of different elements required for a wedding.


We organise location photoshoot environments for photographers, models, actors, fashion designers, costume designers, clothing suppliers, hair & makeup, and accessories.

Photos and video were produced to promote products and services. It was a great success.

"We were so pleased when we saw the finished video, everyone looked amazing and adding a drone gives it an extra quality and depth that would’ve been missed without, Thank you so much Adventure Dog Productions x".

Clare P Nixon, Charmed Events

Aerial Photography

Traditionally, to gain stunning aerial photos you would need to use a conventional aircraft, such as a helicopter or air balloon, which is hugely expensive and inconvenient. By using a UAV it is simple, quick and easy. 


You can book one of our certified commercial pilots by calling today; we will guide you through the process according to the Air Navigation Order (ANO) for safe UAV deployment.

See some of our aerial photography archive: