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Aerial Drone Inspections

  • Rapid assessment and  identification of damaged zones

  • Photogrammetry, 2D & 3D Mapping / Modelling and Thermal Imaging

  • Individual buildings, large structures or complete locations

  • Roof assessment for property owners, loss adjusters and insurance claims

  • Detailed reporting of leaks, damage and roofing failures

  • Inspections of steep hazardous roofs, blocked access and off limit areas

We capture comprehensive drone generated data and provide consistent and accurate results. UAV's are revolutionising the surveying and construction industry, and transforming the way businesses collect, manage and interpret their asset data. Business sectors such as Construction, Property Development, Architecture, Risk Management, Health and Safety, Insurance, and Property Acquisition are all benefitting from the asset monitoring capabilities now made possible by drone technology.

Achieve efficiency gains and impact on workflows, while gaining in-depth datasets for precision inspection. With our 2D & 3D mapping, we provide quick and safe, real-world solutions from resolving disputes, monitoring site progress, producing safety reports and stockpile analyses, to measurements, elevations and even plant health. 

"Surveys and inspections of rooftops, buildings and chimney stacks can be costly, dangerous and time consuming, but now using a drone you gain high resolution photography and video quickly and safely"

Rotherfield Kings Roof Top Print.jpg
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Roof & Building Inspections

Roof and chimney inspection surveys can be costly, dangerous and time-consuming, but now, using a drone, our certified Pilots cn capture high-resolution photography and video quickly and safely.


We operate in commercial and domestic environments, allowing us to inspect a roof without a roofer being physically present at the initial inspection phase, and with the option of receiving progress reports throughout the whole project duration.


Erecting ladders, scaffolding, cherrypickers and access towers can be an inconvenience and has to be meticulously planned in accordance with health and safety legislation, which can be time-consuming, expensive and still hold risk to human workers. With drones, we can minimise the risk and danger, reach the blocked access and off-limit areas, whilst you view the streamed data in real time, or on a PC back in the comfort of your office, allowing multiple viewing for analysis and planning.

2D Orthomosaic Map - Millennium Green -
Pompey Spotlights Drone.jpg

Uav technology gives us the capability to inspect high structures, aerials, masts, floodlights and anything out of reach.

We have permission to operate within congested areas, once we have surveyed the site and provided a risk assessment, we then need the landowner's permission to take off

2D Orthomosaic Photo

Comprising of 600 photos, stitched together with an 85% overlap. This was a 15 minute automated flight plan created using drone deploy software.

Orthomosaic maps are a selection of overlapping images of a defined area, which we process to create a highly detailed, up-to-date map. An automated flight path is plotted prior to arriving on-site and parameters are set to capture the correct amount of photos to give optimum accuracy and scale, providing visual progress reports, safely and quickly, with the capability of mapping difficult terrains or inaccessible areas on a large scale.


Mapping extensive and difficult terrains using traditional methods can bring to light many issues, even when using ground-based LIDAR scanners. For example, when mapping a large lake many points are often undetectable due to vegetation growth, marshland or hard to access areas, resulting in gaps in the 3D point cloud and inconsistency within the finished survey.


The data collected can be converted into maps or 3D models which can be exported and used with CAD files and other format files so that you can build the digital dataset of your assets. You have the option of owning the raw data and combining it with your own data to fill in the gaps, or we can process it for you.



Sustainable Energy

Thermal Imaging of Solar Panels

We offer regular thermal imaging inspections of solar systems to ensure safety and effective deployment. Our thermal imaging cameras will show accurate temperature differences between cells, or within a single cell, that allow you to identify faults at an early stage.

  • Defective bypass diodes 

  • Short circuits and falling connections 

  • Penetration of moisture and/or dirt 

  • Cracked cells or glass cracks 

  • Failed or disconnected modules 

  • Mismatched panels with different capacities 

  • Loose contacts and wiring faults 

  • Wear and tear

Photo Stitching on 2D Orthomosaic Map


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