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Corporate / Promotional

For businesses and social media, with company branding.


Including interviews and B-Roll footage, full crew available.

Explainer Video

Highlight your story and get your message out there.

Wedding Video

Videography capturing all the moments of your special day.

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Production crew and technical Team

SHE is currently in post-production and is an example of what can be achieved with a full production team on the ground as well as from an aerial perspective.

Our creative team and production crew are all experts in their individual field bringing together a wealth of talent knowledge and professionalism in every film we produce.

Our relaxed but can-do attitude is precisely what is required when on set,  meeting shoot deadlines is usually due to well organised scheduling and a team that works well together. 

We will put together the right team to capture the shots you desire, framed and focused to perfection.

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we can complete your production crew

As well as piloting UAVs for aerial cinematography we have also filmed underwater, from helicopters, and captured behind the scenes footage,


We are often involved in post-production providing final edits, soundscapes and audio design.

See a showreel of short independent films we have been involved in producing.

You can hire a UAV pilot to capture aerial cinematography for you and are always open to a challenge.

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See the effectiveness of using drones for filming 

One of the cliff shots filmed for the short film One Last Run by Daniel Grasscamp.


Selected from 2000 submissions, the screenplay for this suspenseful short film reached the ScreenCraft semifinals and is currently being submitted to Film Festivals.


Businesses are using video to reach out & connect

Video adverts and promotional videos are used everywhere, from websites to social media, presentations to conferences - practically in all aspects of business.


With creative video content, you can reach a wider audience, retain their attention, and monitor your engagement metrics and completion rates. Analyse demographics and drive more traffic to your website. 

In our production meetings, we familiarise ourselves with your company brand and develop a storyboard to achieve maximum impact and brand awareness.

A professional concept-to-delivery service that guides you through the production process.

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Professional Editing suite

Editing post-production is often the process which makes your film stand out from the rest and we are happy for our clients to be involved at this stage, as your creative input is as important as ours.  

Working with Premiere Pro software, we cover all aspects of production from editing, title & caption animations, color grading & correction, sound design and music composition, and much more.


We can also take your footage and make it look more professional by removing unwanted snippets, keyframing & cropping, as well as infusing with compelling transitions and stylistic branding.

Our vast knowledge of editing and production is all you need to make your films come alive.

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Wedding Videography

We design wedding packages tailored towards meeting your budget but more importantly reflecting all of the traditional elements and some of the magical moments you miss on your special day.

Using drones offers a unique perspective to your wedding video adding that extra level of excitement for your wedding party. You will be amazed by the results, whether we are creating a love heart formed by your guests or capturing stunning aerial views of your wedding reception venue.


Whether you want the service alone captured on film, just aerial shots at the reception with our drones, or perhaps the full day with everything combined - we can do it all with a range of packages to select from.


We aim to please everyone and do our utmost to ensure your wedding day remains your wedding day and not a twelve-hour photo shoot.

Wedding Videography & Photography

Whatever you desire we can design a wedding package that is tailored towards meeting your budget, but more importantly reflecting all of the traditional elements and also the special moments you don't see on the day.

Using drones for your wedding video and photography offers a unique perspective to your special day and always adds that extra level of excitement for you and your quests. Whether we are creating a love heart formed by your guests, with you in the middle, or capturing stunning aerial views of your wedding and reception venue, you will not be disappointed with the results.


Whether you want just the service captured on film, just aerial shots at the reception with our drones, or perhaps the full day - we can do it all. You may wish to capture some of your pre-wedding events, guests arriving, wedding reception including cutting the cake, throwing the bouquet and first dance.

We have a selection of Photographers who never fail to amaze our clients with the most amazing wedding photography.


Your wedding photographer should operate respectfully, knowing when they can take their photos, but also knowing when to give you the space to enjoy your day. Some venues will not allow photography in certain elements of your ceremony, some like us to be situated in certain places at certain times; we aim to please everyone and do our utmost to ensure your wedding day remains your wedding day and not a 12 hour photo shoot.


It is important that your photographer communicates well with your videographer. We work closely with various photographers which we already have this working relationship with, or we are happy to meet with your chosen photographer prior to the day, to ensure we get the best results. Our team is exactly what you need so that you can relax and enjoy your big day.

We understand how important your wedding day is to you, which is why we are happy to meet to discuss exactly what you would like on your special day. Please call to arrange a consultation and tick another part off your list. 


Making DocumentarIES

A documentary film is a nonfictional motion picture intended to document some aspect of reality, primarily for the purposes of awareness, instruction, education, or maintaining a historical record.  


Often there is an attempt to change or improve society in some way, to bring to light a certain cause or injustice to uncover truths and show the fact of the topic or the story.

Often subject matter can be sensitive and emotional and people can be defensive, overcome, or sometimes embarrassed in front of a camera. Other times they can be elated, excitable, or overreact, and it can take a certain type of producer/presenter to approach this in a manner that is direct, close and personal, but not too intrusive.


Our production team will work with you to deliver your message to the world and can guide you through the necessary processes you need, to make your documentary come to life from concept to delivery.

Donation Jar

Part 1 of a documentary series we produced with Evalution Media about the homeless crisis in Brighton.


We received the raw files, raw audio files and first cut and then created the sound edit for all four episodes which was recently aired on Latest TV. 

reduced pricing for charity events

Raising awareness towards your specific charity using social media video strategies can achieve great results and increase search engine optimisation, whilst boosting search engine rankings and pushing more traffic through to your website and social media platforms. 

Capturing your audience in a more engaging way through eye catching video content is essential.


When you have a story to tell and it is told in the right way, viewers can instantly identify and connect, giving you more opportunity to promote your charity brand and increase your reach to your chosen targeted demographics.  

We have a policy of offering discounted rates to charities so get in touch to discuss your next event.

As the online consumption of videos in the travel industry is rapidly increasing, using drones to gain stunning aerial content is fast becoming one of the most engaging ways to reach consumers online.


We have flown drones all over Europe, from Italy, the Swiss Alps, Mount Snowdon in Wales to the Geece Islands.


We produced this video for the Norfolk Broads, which proves our point.


As visuals are the new language of the digital era, a mixture of filming on the ground and aerial filming can be very effective, showing off a tourist attraction in all its splendour.


Having the difference in perspective can really draw you in and with drones we really can show off a unique view of a resort or destination.

Films for Tourism

Explainer Videos

Video Camera Lens

Promotional Videos 

Let your customers know the value of your products, show them how you manufacture, the quality and skills of the workmanship, the time and effort that goes into all of the processes. When they see how much you care they have more trust in you as a company.


Short promo videos are very engaging and can be used within social media campaigns and placed on your website.


We can host them for you and guide you through the whole experience of producing a video that makes your company shine out from the rest.

Here is one of the first videos we produced for SMTS which has had over 39k plays in 3 years and also some amazing comments left below.

"Very nice video. I didn't know you had a 3d printer, that's awesome! It shows that you beautifully hand make all your models."

"WOW! What an impressive amount of beautiful work!" 

"He laid the cheat line, doors, and national insignia on in one smooth motion. I would have had to have fought with that decal for hours!"

"Amazing video and work! Thanks for sharing!"

"Ohh man this would've been my dream job! Where do I apply for apprenticeship??"

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