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Concrete Vision of Digital Content

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

The majority of potential customers will search for your company online and on social media before gaining enough trust to buy your products or services. We have been working with SEH Landscapes Ltd, creating images that show there is more to landscape gardening than you first think.

When building a concrete base for a stable, there are so many stages of the build that simply are not considered by the customer. It is important that you illustrate the work that is involved and highlight the value of what you do. With a range of photos you can showcase a project portfolio of your work.

There are often services you offer, that your customers are unaware of. With video you can be more engaging and highlight other aspects to your services. We will spend time with you, getting to know your business and collating footage to highlight those elements that make you stand out from the competition.

Creating content for your business doesn't have to be boring. We pride ourselves in creating eye-catching imagery that holds the attention of the viewer. We get involved at ground level to get the shot that shows your business in an interesting manner.

There is more to your services than people realise; for example, with SEH Landscapes Ltd there are countless trips to builders merchants collecting sand, bricks, piping, wood and any supplies needed to complete the project. Loading plant machinery onto trucks and dropping off at locations, measurements, levelling, creating boarding, digging, raking, proofing, concreting, expansion joints, and the list goes on.

To an extent you may consider the previous services highlighted in this blog to be more building services than landscape gardening, but when day turns to night the workflow changes to tree maintenance, insuring that the trees are well watered, way after the initial plantation period undertaken by the company. Another service that potential customers may not be aware of, but which we can help highlight!

Whether designing a new garden, planting trees, turfing a lawn, erecting new fencing or building a patio, with photography and videography from Adventure Dog Productions you can reach a new digital audience and enhance your company website whilst increasing the customer experience. Maintain your online presence and search engine optimisation (SEO) and plan your social media campaigns knowing that you have a catalogue of content at your fingertips. Grow your business by feeding your platforms with the right content.

Call today to discuss how we can benefit your business with photography and videography content. Simply click on this link to view our website and we can start planning your production plan today.



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