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More Than Just Drone Pilots

Prior to operating drones, Adventure Dog Productions offered other services and still do.

As the name suggests, in the beginning, we made films of dogs whilst their owners were on holiday. We sent fun vlog updates for the owners to enjoy whilst they were away, giving them the peace of mind that their beloved pets are happy and being looked after.

We produced some short promotional films for business websites which were very successful and the business grew from there.

Drones came into play, when we were looking for that extra shot but couldn't quite achieve it in a conventional way. Below is a short film we made for Home Counties in Sussex, one of our first drone promotional films.

Ed Paterson, Owner of Adventure Dog Productions, has a musical and theatre background having studied piano from a young age, he then studied popular music, acting & musical theatre, and later a degree in music & related arts. His work at Chichester Festival Theatre stood him in good stead for putting productions together whether that be with a band, live theatre performances or film productions.

Ed says " The skills are very transferable, at the end of the day you are telling a story, whether that be fact or fiction, for recreation and entertainment or to let potential customers know about a product, service or business".

"On every occasion you are trying to gain attention towards a subject and engage with the audience, hoping for a certain response or result. Whether it be an emotional engagement or a call to action, the process is the same. The story comes first, how you present it comes second and throughout all, you have in your mind, your desired outcome".

Get in contact today to discuss your upcoming project or promotion and see what we can do to help, Visit our website or cal 07791 305 346 for expert advice on how to proceed in getting your story out there. Adventure Dog Productions, more than just Drone Pilots.



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