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Photography for Hotels & Resorts

If you are involved in marketing or promoting hotels or resorts, you will be aware how essential videography and photography is in today's travel market. See photos below, for Finas Hotel, Pefkos, Rhodes Greek Island, which give you an instant feel for the hotel, grounds and environment that they offer.

Your hotel can appear a very different place at night, so why not give your guests a visual guide to help them decide that you are the right hotel for them. Sometimes the colours and lights of an evening can be very appealing and create an ambience that simply outshines the daytime light. This can be very effective when showing off panoramic terraces, swimming pools and sports facilities.

Highlighting places of interest or nearby towns in the local area attracts new visitors to your accommodation. Promoting good local sightseeing viewpoints, beaches, museums, restaurants and bars can enhance your offering whilst benefitting the local economy. We will capture footage of your local area, as well as your resort, to give your customers an insight of the area and thus improving their stay at your location. Using drones often provides the desired 'wow' shots.

Recommendations for entertainment are always welcome for first time visitors, with people preferring to trust in their hosts local knowledge. There is no better way to show this, than to illustrate it within your online promotions, website or social media platforms.

Showcasing your destination online can be key, as the majority of consumers will research your location on social media and other forums. They are much more likely to buy impulsively when they have a visual reference. Whether from the ground or an aerial perspective, both mediums are effective, however an aerial photo or video can really give a new and engaging perspective and could clinch the booking confirmation.

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All photography by Adventure Dog Productions © 2019



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