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Steam Trains in the UK

We are always vigilant for impressive subjects to film from an aerial perspective and quite simply, steam trains do look fantastic. 


This flight plan was planned carefully, operating above an area that was made safe with the additional help of spotters on the ground. Ensuring the drone was positioned 50m away from the train line, adhering to CAA Rules & Regulations and operating within 'The Drone Code', we filmed in 4k, allowing us to focus in during the post production stage. Mitigating risk to human life and satisfying a risk assessment, we were confident that we could operate safely and in the event of an emergency would land the drone in the sea.

Maintaining battery life is always necessary when on a shoot. One of the bonuses of filming trains is that they usually run to a timescale meaning you can be prepared for when they arrive. Battery efficiency is a crucial element that must be considered, at all times, not only to get the desired shots but to ensure there is enough life to return home safely in a fail safe moment.

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