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The Importance of UAV Networking

Updated: May 16, 2019

Ed has been operating UAV's for five years and three years as a PfAW/PfCO CAA Approved Pilot. He has a vast amount of experience operating 'drones', planning flight missions and executing controlled flight plans for commercial operations.

Part of the ethos of the company and one of Ed's endeavours is to educate people and businesses about 'the drone industry' believing that all professional operators should be investing in this way to protect and enthuse the industry they work within.

Some businesses invest in a small drone to achieve the occasional photo or video but do not consider themselves part of the industry and simply see the drone as an extra tool for their job. Often they are unaware that they are operating illegally, others are aware but state that there is no enforcement to prevent them from operating and therefore the rules do not apply to them.

From November 2019 there will be a registration process in which all pilots and UAV's will be registered to a national database and a simple online course will be completed by each Pilot. It will become harder to operate just for fun and a slightly more lengthy process in which to apply for commercial operations.

If you are a business that wants to know more about how to operate safely then this event is a perfect place to start.

If you are a young pilot and want to know more about gaining your PfCO this is definitely for you.

If you are an established Commercial Pilot, networking with other Pilots is always a good idea as there are always a few gems of knowledge to take home, once we all get talking.

Ed believes that we all have a responsibility to further the industry and support positive changes towards aviation no matter what level we are operating on.

Often the media only feeds negative or misguided information streams to the general public, degrading our industry, which although in its infancy, is soon to be a very prominent technology in our everyday lives. The Gatwick incident being the most recognisable occurrence in the public eye and prompting one of the most asked questions to a drone pilot this year "What do you think happened at Gatwick Airport?"

Ed says "It is imperative that we in the industry provide a balanced viewpoint, highlighting the positive elements regarding the many new and innovative applications that are being tested and developed. When lives are being saved by drones with defribuators and missing people are detected by thermal imaging sensors on the edge of barren mountains, perhaps then the general opinion will change. Events like this offer an opportunity to grow the drone community, we need to support each other, share our thoughts and push forward".

We decided at Adventure Dog Productions to organise a networking event where like-minded people can discuss ideas about the industry, business ventures and projects, with people from the drone community, but for the event to not be exclusive to the industry. Ed has a very clear picture of how things are evolving with restrictions on airspace, the introduction of U-Space and automation and is looking forward to sharing more information about the future of unmanned aviation. Share your knowledge and gain new business whilst in a relaxed atmosphere, enjoying a BBQ and fresh air in the East Sussex countryside.

We hope that local businesses, business leaders, entrepreneurs, influencers and innovators from all sectors will attend, learn more about the benefits of drone technology and also have opportunity to promote their own services and businesses within the drone community.

To reserve your ticket for the first Drone BBQ Networking Event in Rotherfield, East Sussex click here. You will have chance to operate a drone with views that will take your breath away.

It is so important that we talk about our businesses, communication is the one true thing that binds our network together. Being a relatively new industry many of us have skills in other areas to draw from too. Networking in this way always generates new opportunities, Ed invites anyone who has just the smallest interest in drones and business networking to come along and see for themselves, there will be a warm welcome. Whats better is that this event is in the evening so to not distract from your normal working day, what better way to see the weekend in, book your ticket today as places are limited.

Click here to register for your ticket today - BBQ Networking Event 31st May - 7.00pm



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